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Ecothane is a brilliantly clear, fast drying water-based coating for timber/concrete/metal.

It’s clarity enhances the natural grain of timber while at the same time providing a tough and hard wearing protective coating.

Ecothane is non-yellowing and suitable for Exterior and Interior applications.



Surfaces to be coated with Ecothane must be free of dirt, oil or wax.

Ensure all imperfections such as nail holes and cracks are filled with a suitable Acrylic based filler.

Surfaces are to be sanded smooth using a fine grade of sandpaper.


Avoid using Ecothane when temperatures are like to fall below 10ºc or above 30ºc.This may affect drying times and application properties.


Stir well before using. Do not shake in order to avoid aeration.

Apply using a brush, foam roller or spray.

For a brilliant finish, apply 3 coats of Ecothane.

Ecothane may exhibit a milky look while drying, but will dry totally clear. Allow 2 hours drying time between coats and prior to sanding. To achieve full curing (hardening) and abrasion resistance, allow 72 hours drying time after final coat. Do not subject to heavy traffic during this time.

Eco Crystal 100% Tumbled Glass Floor Coatings

Eco Crystal Coloured glass aggregates provide a range of colours that are not possible using mined aggregates.

The Tumbled glass aggregates are completely coated on all sides , the glass possesses a clear matrix , so even if the top coating is worn away , the underlying colour on all of the facets of the glass reflect through the clear matrix , much like a prism .

Added to this, the glass filters out the U/V to the underlying sides thus adding to the longevity of colour retention.

Eco Safety Grip

Eco Crystal and CRG Coloured recycled glass Pty Ltd have been the market leader worldwide of coloured recycled glass  aggregates  Safety grip is a road safety product with reflectivity qualities

Combined with colour brightness and superior colour retention.

Safety grip is developed from recycled glass, using a crushing system combined with attrition and tumbling process to remove sharp edges and shape the glass.


Our coloured glass aggregates such as Safety grip have an AAA rating environmentally as the glass used is 100% recycled. The use of this product prevents this material from going to landfill and just as importantly reduces aggregates being mined out of the ground.


Safer grip is completely coated on all sides; the glass is a clear matrix, much like a prism. Added to this the glass actually filters out the U/V to the underlying sides thus adding to the longevity of colour thus adding to colour retention.


Safety grip/diamarundum has been developed taking road safety to a new level.


Safety grip/diamarundum has excellent durability qualities, superior to calcined Bauxite. Safety grip has a high polished friction value (PAVF 70+ NATA approved and tested) providing excellent skid resistance in both wet and dry weather


Tests carried out by NATA approved laboratory show that Safety grip diamarundum has a percentage wear factor of only 18% after polishing compared to calcine bauxite which has a 25% wear factor after polishing.


Safety grip/diamarundums excellent durability, skid resistance in both wet and dry weather   combined with quality demarcation qualities, brightness of colour, reflectivity and superior colour retention provides a high friction anti-skid surface that is extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing.

It is recommended that Safety grip and Safety grip/ diamarundum are applied onto a proven or approved binder or binder system that is used for bitumen, asphalt or concrete roads and pathways.

The Glass Coating System used in this video, on the US bycicle path project, is from EcoCrystal Australia.


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